Our hearts go out to the world as we all face this unprecedented time of uncertainty. For the past few weeks, we have been wholly focused on being as safe as possible so we can continue to be here and help those who still need relief.

We’ve been running everything from our own house, so we can assure a safe environment. Like many of you, we have been in “stay at home” mode for over a week and a half. Our number #1 goal is to please our customers while keeping ourselves safe and healthy!

As we try to make sense of all this, we’ve found that staying close to our family, helping each other out, and keeping a routine (as best we can) has been very helpful. We also encourage everyone to get outside if possible, but please maintain a safe distance while enjoying the outdoors. It is important that we remember to protect everyone- ourselves and others. 

Raw HEAT® and Raw ICE® certainly won’t save anyone’s life, but we hope we will ease the pain to make life more manageable.  To help ease the burden a bit, we’ve removed all shipping costs and we are also offering a 30% discount to all purchases as well. Hopefully that can help ease your mind while ordering.

Let’s all stick together and help one another through these times and we will come out stronger!



The Raw team