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Welcome to raw.  Some call this my midlife crisis.  I had spent two decades working for someone else and dreaming of having my own brand someday.  And finally, after being introduced to raw by a friend when my attempt at running took its toll on my body, I realized this was the brand. Within a year, my wife and I bought the brand and have since given it a complete makeover.  We've also added a medical guru (Dr. Matthew Burnett) to help us with the professional side of things.

We are excited to build raw and are committed to build a brand that is clean, natural, and most importantly one that works!  The brands sole mission is to make a meaningful difference.  What is a meaningful difference? First and foremost it is about helping your pain go away.  After we ease your pain, we want to be able to build a soccer field for a school in need or provide college scholarships for kids who otherwise couldn't attend college. These are simply some of our ideas for now. We are committed to giving back and as we get bigger we will do more!  

Our lives are much different now and we would love to hear from you so please send us an email, post on our social or go old school and write us a letter.


Paul and Laura