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Who should use Raw Health?

Who should use Raw Health?

Is Raw Health for someone like me?

You don’t have to be a 6’5, 300-pound professional football player to use Raw Health products. Heck, you don’t even have to be an athlete.

Raw Health customers come in all shapes and sizes – because Raw Health offers solutions that serve a variety of customers for a variety of reasons. But all customers have one thing in common: They are regular people, wanting to manage their pain in a natural and safe way.

Think raw®HEAT or raw®ICE isn’t for you? Think again. 


Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or a casual jogger, raw®HEAT and raw®ICE are the perfect pre- and post-workout products. Take it from three-time pro-bowler Cam Heyward, who frequently uses Raw Health products to recover from his intense training.

As a professional athlete, I need a safe and effective way to relieve my sore, aching muscles after a game or simply training. My Chiropractor introduced me to raw®. I love it and have been using it ever since,” Heyward says. 

NFL players are subject to elite training, but Raw Health products can be helpful for the amateur athlete. We recommend applying raw®HEAT before lifting or running to loosen muscles, and applying raw®ICE after a workout session to cool down and cramps and foster a quick recovery.

Jack M. from Charlotte, North Carolina, who exercises before work, has also had great success with the products. He noted: “I used the ICE at night  and the HEAT at night  before I would work out or go to work. After 2 weeks the pain relief seemed to be much more permanent.”


Tanya Lu is a mom who frequently has foot and stomach pain. She uses Raw Health products to help her manage all sorts of pain she experiences throughout the day.

“I also use it on my lower belly and back for menstrual pain and sometimes on my feet after a long day. I’m obsessed with it and must have some in my backpack and at home,” Tanya says. “It takes away the pain, without feeling too hot or too cold.”

When compared to other products, Tanya preferred Raw to other brands for natural pain relief and management. 

“I feel like it works better than the Icy Hot I had been using since I haven't had to use it as much and it doesn't take as much of it to make my knee feel better,” she wrote in a review. “And everyone at work thinks it smells great when I've put it on right before going to work!”

Anti-pill Takers

Some people turn to pills for pain relief. Others trust Raw Health.

For Charlotte, taking medicine every time something hurts is not for her. She prefers all-natural solutions that she can easily put on her body, instead of medicine and chemicals.

“I often suffer from minor pains and aches, but I hate taking medicine for just anything,” she wrote in a review. “I like to be as natural as possible, especially since I went through a phase in life when any medication severely upset my stomach and I can only wonder what it was doing to my insides. This gel is easy to roll on, and I feel the results very quickly. It's a natural, pleasant relief.”

Adults with Arthritis, Soreness and Joint Pain

Alli H. used to have arthritic knee pain that prevented her from doing the activities she loved. Then, she found Raw Health.

I have used this for a few years now and it has been a life changer,” she wrote in a review. “I was told I would soon need a knee replacement for my arthritic knee given my constant pain, but since using, I am stronger with my squats and able to run pain free.”

Not only was Raw Health able to provide relief for Alli and get her back to working out, but it also saved her thousands of dollars in medical expenses.


Annie was having fun with her granddaughters, but getting up off the ground caused her more trouble and pain than expected. Luckily, she found Raw Health.

“Yesterday I decided I would make a snow angel with my granddaughters,” she wrote in a review. “Getting down on the ground and making the angel was fun, and we had a lot of laughs. When I got up, I wasn't sure if this 71-year-old grandmother was going to make it… While it was fun, today I have a lot of muscle aches and pains. I put some raw®ICE Pain Relief Gel on and felt quick relief.”

Get back to doing what you love

If you experience the normal aches and pains of daily life, or something more severe, Raw Health products might just be the right fit for you. 

Because no matter who you are or what you do, Raw Health is made for getting you back to doing what you love.

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